Leisure Spot


Have a wonderful time while enjoying the sea and wind.

Where do you want to go swimming?
You have to get up early in Okushiri because you need to think about where you want to go swimming.
In Okushiri Isle, there are three good places to swim. They are selected because all of them have a wide sandy beach and seashore.
Yamasedomari Beach has changing rooms, shower rooms and toilet, so it is the most popular beach there.
The sea in Okushiri is 25m deep. Okushiri takes pride in its highly transparent seawaters.
Are you just going to swim? What a waste! You can enjoy your time in many ways.
You can enjoy surfing, catching the sea breeze, water skiing in the waves, and sea-kayaking while enjoying the shorelines.
The sea in Okushiri is suitable for marine sports. 

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