About location and geography of Okushiri-cho


location and geography

Okushiri is an off-shore island located at the southwestern side of Hokkaido, surrounded by Japan Sea. It is about 61km northwest of Esashi-cho, and 42km southwest of Setana-cho.
This island is 11km wide and 27km long. It is a long trapezoid-shaped island, and is the second largest island subsequent to the Rishiri Island in Hokkaido.
The coastline of this island is 84km long and the intricate coastlines made it become a treasury of seafood.
The whole island is made up of granite terraces. Rivers cut through the terraces to create a landscape with many waterfalls.
In addition, due to the mining of sulfur in earlier days, it became an island which has abundant hot springs.

Origin of Okushiri-Cho

It was "Ikusyun-shiri" in old Ainu language. Then it was omitted to "Ikushiri". "Iku" means "other side" and "Shiri" means "island".

Location and Area

Location: LON. 139-31.04 E LAT. 42-10.11 N
Area of Okushiri-cho: 142.97 square meters

Symbol of Okushiri-cho

This symbol was drawn by only a stroke. It represents the hope for development of the island and the esprit de corps of the residents.
This symbol was constituted as a remembrance of a start in organization a village into a town. This symbol is written in four hiragana characters. You can see "O" at the center, "KU" at the left side, "SHI" at the upside and "RI" at the right side.
Tree of Okushiri-cho
Yew Tree
Flower of Okushiri-cho

Outlne of Hiyama Prefectural Natural Park

Date of Establishment April 20th in1960
Area 17.013 hectares
It includes the following regions: Taisei-cho in Kudou-gun, Esashi-cho and Kaminokuni-cho in Hiyama-gun, a part of Kumaishi-cho and Otobe-cho in Nishi-gun and the whole area of Okushiri-cho in Okushiri-gun.

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